The Ndakaini dam in Kenya is a 70 million cubic meters of fresh water reservoir that lies about 80 km north of Nairobi, and 40 kilometers west of Thika town on the slopes of the Aberdares at an altitude of 2040 meters above sea level. The dam is approximately 60 metres deep, covers a surface area of approximately 3sq km, has a 1.3 megawatt power generation facility and provides significant opportunities for community investment.

In 2004 a conservation group realized the need to for environmental conservation around the dam so as to ensure the continuous flow of water from the Ndakaini dam to thousands of homes in Nairobi that depend on this dam for water. The Ndakaini 21 kilometer marathon was born to support conservation efforts at Ndakaini.

Real People has not been left behind, with a contribution of Kshs. 150,000 in the past two years, Real People has ensured that the Ndakaini dam is conserved and trees are planted around the dam. More than 37 employees have also taken part in the Marathon with our call centre team proving to be the most committed team, as the whole call centre participated in the marathon. Nancy Kanario our assistant accountant emerged to Real People’s best runner. Nancy finished in the 125th place out of the 4000 participants. Real People also contributed kshs 150,000 to go towards the conservation of the dam as well as promoting youth talent in athletics.

The Ndakaini marathon has produced world champions such as Abel Kirui who won the Berlin and Daegu championships as well as winning silver in the London Olympics Marathon in 2012. We will continue to be part of the team that is working towards conserving the environment and supporting local talent in Kenya. We did it once, we will do it again.