The Real Diaries

By Petronila Ngunjiri                                                                                                                                                                               New Year….….New Resolutions.

Huraaaayyy…………………………………………….It’s a new year.

2016 I hope you keep it Real!

 Now, we all know about three, two days to a New Year a lot of reflection is done, but mostly

Eve of New Year, I mean you aren’t Kenyan if you don’t do it. We are as Real as we can get.

Truly and proudly Kenyan.

 So let’s go about the cliché New Year resolutions that definitely cut the list year in year out.

  • First is always Health

 Especially after the Holiday Season feeding on all the chapatis, chicken, nyam chom, roasted potatoes, pilau……….You know what am talking about and don’t forget the excessive drinking. And then the Resolutions;

 This year I am going to keep fit, enroll in a gym, eat healthy, cut on my calories intake, drink less and do away with about 6kgs at least. (And I say Go…Go…Go!!!  Keep saying it; one day you might just do it)

  • Second is Keeping it Real K.A Revision of the Friend List

 You know those who derail you, never celebrate you, find every fault in everything you set out to do and mostly kick you down when you are already down.( That’s just unforgivable…………..And I say Chop….Chop….Chop away, Keep it Real!)

  • Third is Commitments (Well not usually but I wanted to save the BEST for LAST)

 I said commitments because a lot of promises are done here. Promise to go to church more often; promise to be a better person (to yourself, family, friends and strangers), promise to cooking more, promise to forgiving more, promise to listening more as compared to jumping into conclusions…….practically the list is endless.

  • Fourth is Mostly Turning Passion into Profit (My Favorite……..Told you, BEST for LAST)

 I’ve got to say, been there done that. But along the way distractions have been like my second name…..aaargggghhh. Somehow I just never get to explore more………Needless to say January, February, March (OKAY so maybe am pushing it) more of end of February am always thinking how to make it a reality then by end of March am just thinking ‘lets’ just survive this year.’ I know……….Disappointing.


But hey………..I have Better News. Yep and it’s Real.

Heard of Real People?? Worry not………I’ll break it down.

 2016 we (Real People) are making it our mission to turn passion into profit. 

We are a credit-only micro-finance institution. We make our job to be all about Responsible Finance and

Sustainable Futures. I mean can it get any better?

We have three amazing versatile products;

  • Real Flexi Loan
  • Real Asset Loan
  • Housing Finance

Take your pick.

Did you just ask HOW this works?

Well, this is how you qualify;

  • Do you have a business that is at least 2 years in existence?

 We acknowledge two years as promising with the notion that in 2 years a business more often than not has had its own share of salt and sugar. That being said if you didn’t give up on yourself then why should we? We like partnerships with Real Commitment.

Do you have the Real Papers to show for your Business?

  • Business Permit
  • Sales Records (At least the last three months?)

(We believe in doing things right, and we only commit to rightfully and legit from ground up



  • House Hold Goods
  • Chattels
  • Title Deed
  • Log Book

(We give secured Loans for the fact that both parties stay fully committed to sustainability, Our clients urges on to the expansion of his/her business and we offer Responsible Financing that keeps both parties at the edge of their seats…..How exciting!!!)


Remember you can access business loans of between Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 5,000,000

See, it’s that simple, yeah and its Real, I promise.

For more information kindly check us out on our website

Or visit any of our various branches spread out the country.

Or call 0730-168000, 0732-168000, Toll Free 0800-720-720

What are you waiting for? Better start working on the 2016 Resolutions